A Whole New World

Mommy’s Pearls

Yesterday, my daughter and I took a nature walk in Bluff Creek Park for our afternoon outing on the official first day of summer. As we meandered down the trail, she suddenly started singing “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin in her sweet voice.

“A whole new world. A new fantastic point of view. No one to tell us, “No.” Or where to go. Or say we’re only dreaming.”

Yes, love, you are so right.

The last six month has been full of major life changes for the two of us. I married an amazing, loving man with three sons. We went from a family of two to a family of six. We bought a new home in a different part of town. My job ended unexpectedly in November. I launched an organizational effectiveness consulting practice as I searched for the next career opportunity. COVID-19 shutdown life as we knew it. Homeschool became part of our daily routine. Clients terminated consulting contracts due to budget cuts. Now, it’s summer.

After lots of prayer, analysis and mindset shifting, my husband and I decided that there is no better time than this for me to take a summer sabbatical. A summer to be a mom and step-mom. A summer to be a wife. A summer to be present with my primary focus on my new family. This is the time.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”
Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NIV)

Those of you that know me well, know that I would not make the choice to quit a job for the summer. I love my career and find great fulfillment and purpose in leading teams and achieving innovative outcomes. However, after 24 years of working, I believe that the time to rest, rejuvenate and pour myself into being a stay-at-home summer mom is a blessing. Ironically, one of my summer posts last year focused on working mom summer gloom (Diagnosis: Working Mom Summer Gloom). It will be a journey to see how the summer from the other side. This is the time.

As my daughter and I entered our second lap on the wooded trail, she said, “Mom, because this is a whole new world we should blog about it together. You say what you think. I say what I think. Together, we can inspire others.”

My eyes filled with tears. My heart felt warm and fuzzy. Yes, love, you are so right. This is the time. Everyone is in a whole new world. The amount of change looks different for each person, each family and each community. Yet, we are all finding purpose and meaning through the uncertainty and trials of life.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33

We hope you will find inspiration, humor and happiness through our stories and thoughts. A mommy’s heart. A daughter’s point of view. Thirty years apart.

Hadley’s Pearls

This year our 2020 summer is a lot different then the last summers. As I would say we are living a whole new world in many different ways. Our 1st way for kids, us kid are normally playing with friends but this summer we can’t because we are all being cautious and social distancing. Our 2nd way for kids, us kids are also at camps making new friends, and enjoying the time with no school or homework to worry about. Our 1st for adults, you adults are normally at work going through all your emails and going from meeting to meeting. Our 2nd for adults, you adults are usually planing their family’s vacation. This year we can’t play with friends, go to camps, go to your office, or plan your family’s vacation. 2020 summer is way different than the past 9 years that I have lived.

Another way it is different to me is because my mom gets to stay home and play and swim with me. I have waited for this summer for 9 years. She sent me to daycare when I was old enough to go which was in January 2011. I missed playing with her when I was at camps or having play dates with friends. I remember wanting my mom to stay home with me or go to camps with me, again and again I waited for a summer like this 2020 summer for her to stay home with me. We would go to the pool on the weekends together and I would ask her to get in the pool with me but she either thought the pool was to cold or that day she just didn’t want to get in. I can’t wait to swim with my mom this summer. I am so blessed to spend this summer with the best mom ever!

“LORD, I will give thanks to you with all my heart. I will tell about all the wonderful things you have done.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭9:1‬ ‭NIRV

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