Why a Taxi, 10 Minutes and a Pre-made Veggie Tray made a Difference

What a week. Actually, what an exhausting week. My life revolved around 30 minute time slots from 5:30 a.m. through 9:00 p.m., where I shifted from  mom to leader to mom to friend to mom to mentor to girlfriend to mom to daughter. On Friday night, the countdown to 9:30 p.m. felt like New Years Eve with great anticipation. I refused to allow myself to go to bed too early as that would be a sign of defeat from the week. I fought the heavy eyes. I fought the slow slouch to a horizontal position on the couch. I let my pride overpower my body’s physical response of exhaustion.

Did you have a week where you gave and gave and gave until you had nothing left to give? I did and would do it again. 

I said yes to a my daughter’s four-hour summer day camp and piano lessons even though both activities interfered with my standard work day. I knew it would be five days of added stress to run mommy’s taxi service. What I didn’t know is that I would have to ask for help. The taxi driver appointments on my work calendar failed.  My mommy focus shifted from the taxi driver to the taxi scheduler as the week went on. 

Mommies, we can’t do it alone. I don’t have to be the superhero. Neither do you. It has taken me eight years to ask for help and let those who love me and my daughter help. It’s an internal battle of my sentimental mommy heart and my working mommy duty. I do not want to miss a thing with my mini me and want to be present as her mommy. The reality is that our kiddos tell us when they want us to show up based on what is meaningful to them. They want us in the driver seat for the big moments like firsts, performances, or milestones. They are okay with another taxi driver for the drop-offs and pick-ups. Seek helpers, both planned helpers and impromptu helpers, to achieve the calendar commitments of our kiddos.

I said yes to 10 minute breathers. I took a breath on a sunset walk. I took a breath as we played catch in the empty field. I took a breath as I shared my day’s play-by-play with my sweet boyfriend. I took a breath as my daughter and I talked over a snow cone. I took a breath as I looked across Lake Hefner with the lake breeze hitting my face.

Mommies, turn off the Energizer Bunny. Find time to just be in the moment without to-do lists, without a clock and without the pressure. I have been called a busybody for my lack of ability to sit and do nothing. I have been called a tornado for my wind speed when tackling tasks. Can you relate? It is necessary to pause and just be for 10 minutes to reconnect with yourself. Evaluate your physical energy, your mental state and your emotional bank account. Tell the kiddos that you need 10 minutes with yourself. I promise, they will survive.

I said yes to a pre-made veggie tray. It was the last day to sign up for the item that I would take to a potluck lunch. The only slot left was a veggie tray. Boo, it was not my top pick. My optimistic perfectionist kicked into full gear. I will make it the best veggie tray ever full of bright colors and variety on my favorite black and white platter. Well, that didn’t happen. The thirty minute time slot only allowed me to purchase a pre-made veggie tray.

Mommies, being you is always enough. The pressures of being the perfect mom who shows up in a LiketoKnow.it outfit with a yummy Pinterest casserole in hand is out of control. I find myself in the bubble of perfectionism all too often. Sometimes it is for me. Sometimes it is for other’s impression of me. The me for last week was a pre-made veggie tray. The me for next week might be a made-from-scratch dessert. Be okay with meeting yourself where you are and do what you can do. Say good-bye to the outside pressures, always.

Our days are full. Our hearts are full. Our bodies are exhausted. It is the season of motherhood. Say yes to being the taxi scheduler. Say yes to a daily 10 minute breather. Say yes to being you and walk in proud with the pre-made veggie tray.

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