Rules of Life Matter

We gather round the coffee table ready for a game of Frozen Surprise Slides. Anna, Elsa and Olaf sit patiently at start  awaiting the first spin. Anna moves to red. Elsa moves to purple. Olaf moves the snowflake and slides ahead twenty spaces. Suddenly, my five year old daughter said, “Uh that’s not fair. Olaf got too far ahead. I will never catch up!” In my mom tone, I replied, “Honey, it is fair. That is a rule of the game.” Darn those rules, they take away the fun and my daughter’s dream of winning the game.

Who likes rules? Well, I do. Anyone that knows me classifies me as the rule follower poster child. I have even been called “by the book” on more than one occasion. I appreciate the structure and guidance that comes with any rule. I find comfort in having rules in this complicated life. Rules can help me find peace among the organized chaos of life.

Your life rules come from three places –  your faith, your environment and yourself.

Faith –  Your faith defines rules for living a holy life. During my recent study of Leviticus, I enjoyed the exploration of the rules that keep me physically, spiritually and emotionally safe. Verse after verse states the rules followed by “I am the LORD”. He is my Father and I am to obey him. I can hear him saying it to me as an earthly father says it to his child.

Environment – Your environment defines rules for living in that moment. When driving a car, you follow the drivers rules like make a complete stop then count 1-2-3. When filing your taxes, you submit your tax forms and tax payment by April 15. Whew, I’m glad that’s done. When an election takes place, you exercise your freedom to vote.

Yourself – You write your own life rules if your faith and your environment do not define them first. We all have personal struggles, strengths and weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It might be waking up on time, eating healthy, talking negatively to yourself, going to bed on time, or managing your finances. We try and try and try to overcome the struggles by making an effort to gain control. Sometimes we need to set rules for ourselves and find an accountability partner to help us. I will get up everyday by 6:00 a.m. or I will save 3 percent of my monthly income. That’s a rule that you set for yourself to help you be the best you can be.

No matter where you are on the game board, your current location is where you are meant to be. You might be on the red square, a joyous time in life. You might be on the purple square, a going-through-the-motions time in life. You might be on the snowflake square, a crisis or difficult time in life. Sometimes the rules will hold us back. Sometimes the rules will catapult us forward.  Either way, you are on that square for a reason. Define, embrace and love the rules of life because you are one spin away from being the best you!

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