Stay Away Mediocrity and Melancholy

stay-out-1550977-639x425This week I came across the reasons that talented employees stay at an organization. Number one is paid well. Number two is appreciated. The list goes on. I then asked myself why do I stay at my employer, in my job, in a friendship, in a small group, in a neighborhood? Why do I stay?

When we ask ourselves a question like this, we experience Fourth of July in our brains. Logic. Emotion. Logic. Emotion. Logic. Logic. Logic. Helllloooooooo emotion. Somehow through all the fireworks we define the logical reasons to stay and the emotional reasons to stay. The hard part is making sure that when we stay we step into a healthy physical, emotional and mental state of mind.

Think about a current area of your life. Which one of these three state of minds best describes you?

  • You are in a state of merriment!! You feel energized and valued! You give your best! You look forward to the day ahead, interactions with others and life’s experiences. Your soul is content and full of bliss. You are in a happy place, so you stay.
  • You are in a state of mediocrity. You just show up. You give just enough to pass go. You just warm the seat. You are in a comfortable place, so you stay.
  • You are in a state of melancholy. You live in the world of sadness. You worry. You fret. You isolate yourself from others. Melancholy can and will lead us to bad, dark places. You are in a helpless place, so you stay.

Yes, all three state of minds drive you to stay, but merriment is the only reason that you should stay. It is the only state of mind that allows you to bring the best you who can make a difference and change the world.

If you are in the state of mediocrity, take some time to reflect on why you are there. Is it you, your boss, your circle of people? Then, find a way to move out of mediocrity.

If you are in the state of melancholy, I beg you to seek help, visit with a counselor, pastor or a trusted confidant. You need to find your light again.

My sweet friend, it’s not too late to find merriment! First, define your merriment. You can beat mediocrity! You can beat melancholy! Second, embrace your current state of mind and learn from it. You will enter merriment one step at a time if you change your mind. Last, love your journey to find and maintain merriment! You can do it!

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