Dear Self, I Love You!

sharpie-love-1519317-638x411Red hearts, pink flowers and boxes of chocolates fill the grocery store aisles. Love letters fill the card aisles in forms of humor, religion and serious messages. The spirit of Valentine’s Day is in the air.

Valentine’s Day brings joy and celebration. Valentine’s Day brings heartache and sadness. These emotions form based on how much we feel loved by another human. Whether we realize it or not, these emotions become regulators of our happiness level and our outlook on life, especially during this time of year.

The truth is that Valentine’s Day should be a celebration of the person that God made you to be. “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14 (NIV)  We must be humble and grateful for who we are while opening our hearts to experience God’s love, the greatest love that we will ever know. It is a day for us to stop being a prisoner to the worldly love of humans and turn to God for love.

One way for us to keep our eyes on God’s love is to write a love letter that promotes positive self-talk and gives the glory to Him. You should confess your love for yourself through humility and thankfulness, not self-worship or boasting.

As you purchase or make your valentines this week, take time to write a love letter to yourself using these five steps:

  1. Dear Self or _____________. Find a journal or a sticky note. Write the words.
  1. Define one attribute that makes you wonderfully made. My best attribute is __________________. Think about the roles that you play in life. Think about the many attributes that you have. Define your true self and what makes you wonderfully made.
  1. Embrace why the attribute makes you wonderfully made. I am _________ and this makes me wonderfully made because _______. Dig deep to find your emotional and spiritual response to the “why.” Think about it, pray for it, laugh at it or cry about it. Capture the reasons before they float away.
  1. Write an affirmation to maximize this attribute. I will continue to be _________ by _________. Find ways to maximize this attribute and praise and thank God for making you who you are.
  1. Love yourself with a closing of “I love you!” I love you!  Sign your name.

We must define who we are, embrace who we are and love who we are every day of our life because you are exactly who you were designed to be. Write love letters to yourself often as a reminder to be thankful to your Creator! Read them on happy days and sad days! Celebrate that God loves you everyday!

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