Hired: Chief Giving Officer


This morning I came across a LinkedIn post about an open position at TOMS for a Chief Giving Officer (CGO). The job title immediately caught my attention. I am definitely not qualified, but inspired by the fact that a company would have this role on their leadership executive team!

First, I learned that TOMS business philosophy is rooted in the concept of Giving. The founder, Blake Mycoskie, started TOMS  with a mission to “improve lives through business.” Mycoskie uses TOMS as his platform to be a light in the dark world. This is why TOMS exists.

Second, TOMS Giving Strategy goes beyond shoes. I didn’t realize the magnitude of their giving until today. TOMS products include eyewear, coffee, bags and backpacks. This allows them to provide eye care programs, safe water, safe childbirth and bullying prevention.  All of these products fall into the buy one and give one philosophy. The outreach continues to grow across the world through different products.

Third, the CGO oversees a 20-person giving department who focuses on global social responsibility goals. All 20 employees must have a servant heart to do what they do. I can only imagine the energy, the enthusiasm and the love that these employees experience everyday while at work. With a team of servant heart employees, their engagement level is probably through the roof! They are the true difference makers because they make the philosophy come to life!

Last, the ideal candidate for the CGO must be a giving advocate. The ideal candidate must be highly admired, but not self-promoting. The ideal candidate must be an advocate for change while proactively seeking input from colleagues. In my mind, these are awesome qualification for any leadership position. A leader who ministers others through their works or actions, creates trust by walking the talk and uses transparency to show they are human too. It is also important to have a leader who looks for the next opportunity to achieve a mission while asking others the who, what, where, when and how to make the best decisions.

Thank you TOMS for inspiring me today with your business, your outreach and your desire to be a light! I can’t be the Chief Giving Officer at TOMS, but I can hire myself to be my own Chief Giving Officer in my sphere of influence. I can give my time and my love to bring light to those in my community. I encourage you to find a way to be the Chief Giving Officer to those around you! Together, we can make a difference!

If you want to learn more about this awesome position, check it out here.

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