Define, Embrace, Love


A driving passion to bring light to our dark world through my God-given talents. A constant whisper in my ear. A compliment from a stranger. A song on the radio. A work project that opened my eyes to being more than just a corporate trainer. All of these occurrences have been on repeat over the past four months.

Slowly, I began to recognize these subtle hints as a calling. The creation of my dream began.

Today, January 25th, I officially start my dream to sprinkle light across the world through words. I’ll start with the written word through this blog knowing that there are lots of “what ifs” floating around in my mind.

One of the most important lessons that I have learned in my 35 years of living is that going through the motions of life will never bring you happiness. You must define, embrace and love YOU! Define what makes you unique. Embrace who God designed you to be. Love yourself.

We all continually battle ourselves by trying to be someone that we are not. These battles will make you miserable and you will never experience true happiness in life. Believe me, I have overcome the battles of being a planner, perfectionist and control freak just to publish this post. These battles can steal your happiness if you let them. Instead, let’s define, embrace and love the journey of life!

I hope you will read often!


2 thoughts on “Define, Embrace, Love

  1. This is awesome!! Life is a gift & such a blessing but sometimes it can throw us a curve ball or two. This is so inspiring & certainly gives hope to those that may be struggling as well. Keep it up girl; you are shining his big bright light upon the world. We are to be His hands & his voice. ❤️


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